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New Site for Doctor Who fanfics

So new it doesn’t have any content yet. 😉 I’m working on it a little, during the occasional break from my paid work, the plot bunny infestation, and whatever else my folks think I should be doing instead, but allow … Continue reading

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You Know You Need a Job When….

Revised and reposted as a journal on my main deviantArt account Slightly outdated–I did recently get a job, and these things came up months before–but I only just made up my mind to post them. Anyway, you know you need … Continue reading

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If I Won the Lottery, I Would….

(in no particular order): Pay off my student loans. Set up an IRA (Roth, I think, since I’ll have already been taxed on the winnings). Talk to an allergist about getting shots. Achoo! Buy every single Doctor Who/Torchwood book

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