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Video Game Wishlist

Just a random list of games and gaming accessories I’d like to have… most (if not all) of which are on the list precisely because they don’t exist. Lego Dimensions for the Nintendo Switch Yes, I’ve read the articles saying LD … Continue reading

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Perplexed About: Automated Profanity Filters

Warning, contains terms that some computers might flag as offensive. Okay, there seems to be a bit of a problem with the English language…. and other languages, I’m sure. “Queer” means odd. “Gay” means happy. “Prick” means what you do … Continue reading

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NaNo 2013 Day 8

So much for still meeting the day’s goal. ^^; I got nothing today, not even editing/expanding on my notes. Let’s see…. what did I do today? Aqua Cise. Picked up the Wii Fit Meter from Best Buy (now I’ve got … Continue reading

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