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Captain Cold Cosplay–Product Review

Or maybe I just needed a new winter coat. 😉 Anyway, this here is the (hang on, checking my order history) Swiss Tech Women’s Parka Jacket With Faux Fur-Trim Hood. I originally found it, or one very much like it, … Continue reading

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New Job Updates and Agenda Part…Two?

The two new jobs have been going on for a month now and then some, and even the “temporary” job doesn’t show any sign of ending just yet. Allergies at the presumably not-temporary job are still questionable, but the boss … Continue reading

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Whovians: Fans versus “Fans”

“There is no cause so right that you will not find fools following it.” –Larry Niven Thus it seems with fandoms. There is no story so good, so innocent, or so full of lessons worth passing on that you will … Continue reading

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New Site for Doctor Who fanfics

So new it doesn’t have any content yet. 😉 I’m working on it a little, during the occasional break from my paid work, the plot bunny infestation, and whatever else my folks think I should be doing instead, but allow … Continue reading

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If I Won the Lottery, I Would….

(in no particular order): Pay off my student loans. Set up an IRA (Roth, I think, since I’ll have already been taxed on the winnings). Talk to an allergist about getting shots. Achoo! Buy every single Doctor Who/Torchwood book

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Odd Fanfiction Crossover Labels

On some fanfiction sites, crossovers–stories that are fanfiction of two or more other unrelated storylines–are actually fairly easy to categorize. That is, they are labeled as “crossovers,” and they can probably be found among other crossovers for each story they … Continue reading

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NaNo ’12 Day 29

A winner is me! In more ways than one. First is that I pulled off and validated the required word count, just before dinner, even in spite of my nephew interrupting to ask me to put in an episode of … Continue reading

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NaNo ’12 Day 27

And I made very little progress today. Completely used up the buffer, and then some. But then, this late in the month, that buffer doesn’t mean a whole lot, except as a way to avoid last-minute internet lags. Seems a … Continue reading

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NaNo ’12 Day 26

Another day of double tutoring — my goodness I wish the evening sessions weren’t volunteer…. And more messing around in Skyrim. (Bad writer, bad! No cookie for you!) But I did manage to get a sizeable chunk of of a … Continue reading

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NaNo ’12 Day 23-25

Lousy weather and other excuses kept me offline again. Even though I did manage to get some writing done, I completely lost track of how much I wrote each day. So this post is for the entire Thanksgiving weekend! Day’s … Continue reading

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