If I Could Sell One Thing….. Afterglow Headset

Ah, we’re going back to the “size matters” argument… among other reasons.


Here, if I could sell just one thing (well, multiple things, but since they’re being sold as a bundle it’s still one sale), that would be my Afterglow wireless headset, case, and charging tower.

These are listed on my eBay account.

The reason for wanting to sell these is two-fold.

One, I quite simply don’t have space to keep using them. My computer is sitting on a student desk, and I need to put shelves up on my wall for little things like my speakers as it is. The computer is small enough for the desk to work, which means I have quite a bit more room to move around and put up bookshelves and the like, but I’ve needed to sell off the headset et al ever since getting that desk.
And considering I have a webcam now… well, I don’t exactly need the headset for the microphone anymore.

The other reason, unfortunately, is a matter of respecting personal property. I’m getting a little tired of having things I have listed for sale taken from my bedroom while I’m at work because someone thinks that them wanting to use my stuff is all the permission they need. (Oddly enough, both times it’s happened were over two different sets of headphones.)
So the sooner it’s sold, the sooner I can stop worrying about whether it will be in any condition to sell by the time someone wants to buy it.

Meanwhile, I need to find a better lock for my door. And find somewhere else to hide the stuff I’m selling.

Like other posts of this type, this post will be deleted once the bundle is sold or no longer eligible to be sold.

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Self Care Chronicles–Feb 8-21

So much for catching up. 😉

Sep 2017 Update: Once again, editing to make sure the text of the post is still in there when Went unpublishes his page. 😦

Anyway, once again, some of the self-care ideas shared from social media (in particular, those posted and/or shared on Wentworth Miller’s page), and my own responses.

Today self-care looked like drawing boundaries – hard and fast – with parties who, because we’ve got history, felt entitled to pull some sh-t.

My mental health comes first. Period.

What did it look like for you?

posted 7 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

Hmm…. something many of us need to try to do, I’m sure.
But for me, “hiding” comments on FaceBook certainly helps avoid some of those arguments from which there is no return. Also helps declutter my news feed at the same time.

Today self-care looked like taking three deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth), aware that my lungs have felt a lot more spacious since coming out.  What did it look like for you?

post 9 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

Remember, readers, the tiniest changes can add to up to big differences.
(Edit: I only kinda skimmed through the article before sharing this one. Whoopsie. Whether you’re in the closet or not, or stressed about something else entirely, many of the article’s tips can still help… just modify as needed to your personal situation. Just remember that way the article is written, it is aimed at transsexual concerns.)

John Barrowman Official shares his self-care:

“People might not believe it but when I’m by myself, I actually don’t talk. I’m very quiet. Without thinking about it, it actually calms me down.”

What did self-care look like for you today?

posted 10 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

John’s right… it is hard to believe. 😉
Joking aside, I wonder if “talking” in this context includes thinking out loud? Those quiet moments to myself are very valuable in many ways, but sometimes the “quiet” only relates to other people.

Today self-care looked like downloading a free coloring book from one of my favorite libraries. What did it look like for you?


posted 12 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

No free coloring books for me yet, but I do have these other ones to go through:

Some day soon I should see what the library has. Satisfy my curiosity, at any rate.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers shares her self-care:

“I write. I write to find the hope and inspiration within my fears and frustrations. And it varies. Sometimes it’s a story. Sometimes it’s a personal dialogue or a stream of conciousness. It’s a way to calibrate myself and my feelings with the world around me.”

What did self-care look like for you today?

posted 14 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

Writing. Definitely writing for me. Also (very slowly) going through my old trip photos to decide what to migrate to Instagram and what to leave where it is.

Today self-care looked like pausing on the sidewalk when I heard music. It was a pair of wind chimes, hanging in the branches, high above my head.

What did it look like for you?

posted 16 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

Based on my responses to his posts, this must be the first day I’d changed out my routine by taking a walk first thing in the morning.
Usually I’m on the computer first thing, getting all my daily digital tasks done while I have time before heading off to work, but I’m trying to get outside more often (when the weather’s good for it) and exercising more. Not to mention, there are way more photo ops when I’m outside than when I’m sitting in front of a computer. 😉

Wind chimes are certainly a nice type of music.
Story prompt for the fellow writers out there: what were the wind chimes doing high in the branches?

Caity Lotz shares her self-care:

“Meditation. I do 20 minutes twice a day. That seems like the greatest gift I could give myself. It’s like a reset button for me when I’m stressed and my mind is racing.”

What did self-care look like for you today?

posted 17 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

For me, several days going of walking first thing in the morning.
There’s all sorts of meditation out there; going outside and enjoying the day (and enjoying the day being warm enough to leave the winter coat behind!) is a good sort.

Today self-care looks like early to bed with a good book. (Goodnight!)

What did/does/will it look like for you?

posted 18 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

Laying in bed with a good book is always one of my self-care options. 😀

So there we have just a few self-care options I liked from my social media feeds, and a few quasi-related self-care options I’ve been doing for myself.

What about you, my readers? To use Went’s question, what does self care look like to you?
Remember, the tiniest changes can make big differences.

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Buyer Beware of a Different Sort

A couple of notes to prospective buyers.

I am not (technically) asking you to buy my stuff and leave good reviews on my profile.
Rather, as it is a recent problem I had as a seller that reminded me of the situation that prompted this post, it is my personal experience that I am using to illustrate the problem.
Though I would certainly appreciate it if people would buy my stuff and give me some positive feedback to improve my ratings…. 😉

Buyer Beware of a Different Sort.

Point One: Read Listings Carefully.

When you’re buying something from an individual seller–which is to say, not an actual store (although if you’re buying stuff online, you should follow this advice even if it is from a “store”)–please, please pay careful attention to the actual listing.
Not just the product page, but anything and everything that the seller actually says about the item.

This is especially of concern if you’re buying from Amazon–the product page, as created by Amazon, really only exists to direct you to the general item you’re looking for, whereas the seller listings attached to that page are the things responsible for identifying the condition, etc of the specific one that you’re buying. This includes brand new items offered by Amazon–those have their own listing, just the same as anything I might sell.
On eBay these things are one and the same; every individual sale has its own product page, and these pages disappear a certain amount of time after the listing has expired or the item is sold. Not so on Amazon; the product page exists until Amazon takes it down (and I understand they are working to merge and eliminate duplicate pages for identical products), and it will be the same page, with the exact same description and exact same photos, no matter how many seller listings and conditions are attached to it.

So if an Amazon seller clearly states that the item they’re selling is used and without original packaging


Excerpt from the packing slip, cropped to censor buyer details….
Screenshot contains exact text used in the original listing.

but the actual product page makes no mention whatsoever of condition…


Actual product page

No, the seller did not misrepresent that item.
If you bought it expecting a brand new item…. that was your mistake for not reading the listing.

That being said, if the buyer had acted like a decent human being about it, I would have been happy to simply assume that it was an honest mistake and deal with it accordingly… and even waive the restocking fee and include the shipping cost in the refund without another word about it.
I mean, with the timing of the purchase, I could easily have decided that it was meant to be a Christmas present and they were disappointed with the purchase on that basis alone…. if they had been polite from the beginning and had said something of the sort.
But when this buyer chose to be completely rude about it from the start (which I would gladly post a screenshot of if I could find the original message) and refused to acknowledge a single one of my attempts to resolve their misunderstanding (up to and including the fact that, since they were rude from the very beginning, I told them up-front that as the purchase was a buyer mistake I was not required to refund the shipping cost, and yet they’re accusing me of hidden fees), and, well… The buyer got exactly what they bought, and got refunded exactly what I told them I’d refund. Everything else is on the buyer.

FYI, “collectible-very good” simply means it is a used collectible item that has been well taken care of.
My assumption that anyone buying a bundle that includes a pair of used headphones would want to make sure they are clean before wearing them, and the fact that I suggested disinfecting wipes in the original listing, does not change the condition or make it any less accurate. Nor does it require that I include the original packaging that I very clearly stated was long gone.

Point Two: Leave Positive Reviews.

The other point, of course, is to consider leaving a review when you have a good experience. (And, yes, even when you have a bad experience, but to return to the previous point, please try to make sure that the bad experience is actually the seller’s fault before you go hurting their statistics.)

Now, I haven’t sold a ton of things on Amazon (or eBay, for that matter), but I’ve sold enough that, assuming the lack of any feedback amounts to a good experience, I have plenty of satisfied customers.


Order history for the last 365 days, cropped to censor buyer information.

But here’s the problem: To a prospective buyer, lack of feedback doesn’t mean a good experience… it means those other sales might as well not even exist.
Instead, prospective buyers have only this to contend with:


My feedback ratings.

Five customer reviews out of a total of thirty-five sales. (Well, a titch more than thirty-five; I’ve a very few sales from before that 365-day mark, back when I had very little stuff to sell.)
And while four of those reviews are great–five stars all around–the one up top is the problem review. The one that did not read my listing, did not reply to a single message I sent their way, and yet blamed me for the fact that they got exactly the product and service I clearly stated I was offering instead of whatever they had decided I was offering.

The result?

An at-risk account.


No late shipments, no pre-fulfillment cancellations, no claims agains product authenticity or product safety, no A-to-Z or chargeback claims, none of these problems at all.
Or at least not within the timeframe that Amazon retains those kind of details to influence my account health. (I did have one other refund from way back when, before I got in the habit of insuring all of my shipments, because the tracking showed that a book had gotten as far as the customer’s local post office but nobody knows what happened to it after that. That one I gave a full refund, shipping and all, without even being asked.)
But because I have one single negative feedback… my account is at risk of being suspended. All because one person did not read the listing and refused to actually let me resolve the problem.

Question is…. assuming nobody else buys from me and/or leaves feedback, how long does my account remain at-risk?
Or, since the number of “problem orders” is based on a certain timeframe, it seems the percentage of negative feedback would go up as the older orders drop from that timeframe before that last order finally drops…. does that mean, with no more orders to fulfill, I’ll actually become more at risk before that one single bad review finally drops from my history? All the more reason that I need more sales and more positive feedback, and soon, to balance out that one bad review.


Huzzah! Amazon has removed the negative feedback!

Feedback removed

Now there’s just the matter of my account still being listed as at-risk. Is that due to the original feedback (and removing it has simply not yet been reflected in my stats) or is it due to the original “not as described” return request that started this whole mess?
Either way, I need more sales soon. Pretty please?

Update Times Two:

Not even an hour later, they put the feedback back…. but they did not restore the option to reply to it, so the whole “prospective buyers can see that the customer said this but they can’t see that I said that” is still an issue.

Right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?

Question for the readers

Question for the sellers out there. How do you handle that kind of negative feedback? Keeping in mind that, while I consider their feedback rating to be an abuse of the system, Amazon does not; it doesn’t fit any of the criteria for Amazon removing negative feedback, so apparently it’s stuck there until someone in charge agrees that it’s an abuse of the system (not likely at this point) or until the buyer realizes their mistake and removes the feedback themselves (even less likely).
I will say I made the mistake of removing my response to that one–my own instance of not reading things carefully, as I didn’t realize that I couldn’t edit my response after the fact, and when I tried to remove the response to post a corrected version…. I also missed the pop-up that said that I would not be able to post a new one. That one is obviously entirely my mistake.

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Self Care Chronicles–Feb 1-7 2017

About half a month late.

I got the idea of doing self care chronicles from none other than Wentworth Miller’s Facebook page. (That would be where the “half a month late” comes in–I started reading these on his page at the beginning of February.)
These, like his own, are going to be small snippets of things I’ve done for myself. They will not be fully detailed blog posts of their own.
Sometimes I will link to something (or several things) I’ve found on social media, sometimes I will post what I’ve done for myself or what I think I should start doing for myself… and sometimes I will post both, particularly if what I’ve seen other people doing happens to be related with what I’m doing or trying to do.

(Sep 2017 Update: Due to Wentworth Miller’s decision to “unpublish” his page in the near future 😦 copying the text is a necessity, though I’ll keep the links in as long as they are valid. Thus there will be duplicates while his page remains visible.)

And let us begin.

These days it feels like self-care is the last thing I have time for… So today self-care looks like starting a self-care chronicle for the month of February.

What did it look like for you?

posted 1 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

This, of course, is where I should’ve begun the chronicling.
As I’d replied to Went’s post, self-care for me usually means laying in bed with a good book or working on my writing. Sometimes it means dabbling in other creative pursuits.

Today self-care looked like clearing space on a cluttered shelf. No idea what will go there. But I’m ready. What did it look like for you?

posted 3 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

This I definitely need to do…. again. And again, and yet again.
I don’t know how many times I’ve cleared off my dresser but it just seems to attract all the clutter. Especially when someone decides he needs to display his toys on the newly-cleared area.

Today self-care looked like asking for help. I’m putting together a playlist of funny videos to watch when I’m in need of a lift. Links welcome. 

What did it look like for you?

posted 4 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

*cough–shameless plug–cough*

My “puppy” trying to do everything except the trick she was asked to do, all to earn that treat.

Today self-care looked like taking a walk, in the woods, in the snow, and a moment to remind myself that yes, “the world is mysterious and amazing.”

What did it look like for you?


posted 5 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

No woods to be found hereabouts, not unless I’m willing to drive a ways for the sole purpose of finding a good place to walk, but walking up and down my road isn’t bad.
And depending on the weather I can always get some decent pictures… yes, I can even find new things to photograph in the same familiar surroundings.
Like my first-ever Instagram upload:

This looks like a good day to run… from zombies. #zombiesrun

A post shared by Tamie Wiggins (@tamies.travels) on


I think a week’s worth of belated posts is good for now.
More progress of my social media searches and my own self care to be posted later! Now back to the YouTube backlog and migrating some other travel pics over to Instagram.

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NaNo ’16 Final Week

Has it been that long since I’ve updated? Uh…. whoops!

Some days I didn’t bother updating because of a combination of working all day and just wanting to concentrate on getting the story/ies written.
Other days… I just forgot.

In any case, as of this weekend, I won the NaNo! As of November 21, to be precise.
Now that NaNoWriMo lets us validate as of November 20th I could’ve and should’ve validated some time ago just to guard against last minute delays… meh, at least I’m only two days late on that score, and not actually last minute.

Plot-wise, the story of Confessions is officially done!
How, officially, when I think I mentioned it was done before? Well… the last chapter ended up being divided into two chapters due to length… and then divided again in order to keep the triggering content separate from the others, in case any readers prefer to skip over that scene entirely.
You can read the complete fic, as well as any others I come up with, on SideQuestPubs on deviantArt or Side Quest Publications at fanfiction.net. I think I’ll start adding it and others to AO3 as well, if and when I get an invitation to join (site claims I ought to receive an invite before the end of the month; I can wait), and on WattPad (which I have an account on, I just haven’t done anything with it since I created it who-knows-how-long-ago and I don’t remember what login I used to sign up….)

Anyway, the word count:
According to my spreadsheet/word document, my final count as of November 21 is
And according to NaNoWriMo, it is
Hey! NaNo counted up! That hardly ever happens to me. 🙂

On to continue the fics!

Like I said, Confessions is done at six chapters.
That’d be the one in which Leonard Snart finds himself confiding some very old secrets to Sara Lance on the day they meet –after the Legends of Tomorrow team officially joins the team, and before their first time jump. Well, a couple nights after they met if you want to be technical; Rip did say to meet him in 36 hours if they agreed to join up, after all.
This fic is rated mature, and one chapter is given a strict filter on deviantArt, due to the nature of some of those secrets.
In terms of continuity with the show, this one assumes the “Top Secret” Deleted Scene from episode 1 is canon.

Next up we have a few one-shots.

Lecturing Lenny is the original version of a scene that shows up in Flash Sideways, and unlike the rewrite, it offers the lecture Lisa was giving in all its original glory. In this one we have Lisa criticizing her brother’s sex life. In public. All because she doesn’t like one specific person that he’s slept with.
The rewritten version has him interrupting Lisa before she can get very far; apparently even Mr. Stoic can be horribly embarrassed when it’s his baby sister doing the embarrassing. (Although Mick teasing him isn’t much better in some of my fics, to the point that Len won’t say certain things around Mick for fear that he’ll “never hear the end of it.”)
In terms of continuity, it shares any relationship to canon that the source fic Flash Sideways shares.

Blind Date was written entirely for laughs and has no connection to any of my other fics in the set… nor, obviously, to canon, though ColdFlash does seem to be a popular ship in the fandom, no? 😀 Oh, yes, that’s right; Blind Date is about Lisa manipulating her brother into going on a blind date with Barry Allen.
Note that Len knows the Flash’s identity in this fic (setting it at any random time the reader chooses after Rogue Time), while Lisa of course does not, so in that sense she honestly has no idea who she set Len up with, nor why he would have a problem with this particular date. Trying to back out of it, however, would be a very dangerous move for the ruthless criminal.

The current fics in progress are varied.

In Alternate Universe, we explore what might have happened if Len (and others) had not been recruited to join the Legends team… and Zoom takes notice of him.
Since Zoom is aware of Len’s arrangement with the Flash, this notice does not bode well for the thief or his beloved sister.
This one is, well, an alternate universe story, and clearly shares only a very limited amount of continuity with official canon.

In Flash Sideways, we consider the consequences of changing history when those changes affect someone with an eidetic memory… because Len remembers other timelines as vividly and completely as he remembers whichever one he’s currently living in.
The fic very specifically covers Flash Season 1 episodes 15 and 16, Out of Time and Rogue Time from Len’s perspective; it shows how he experienced the Weather Wizard’s attack on Central City before the Flash hit the reset button, and then continues on to how that reset affected him personally.

Then there are the planned projects.

In Majummed, the man with the eidetic memory has some ties to the League of Assassins, but something has been preventing him from remembering what those ties are! He has no idea who Majummed is, nor why the name terrifies him, and pressing him to remember details has nasty results that disturb even the infamous Ra’s Al Ghul.
As this is a time travel story, it takes place kinda all over the place; however it should begin towards the end of the Legends Season 1 episode Left Behind.

League of MacGuffins, a name I might keep despite the silliness, is a sequel to Majummed. In this fic, the Legends team must go on a quest to fix what the League did to Len.
This one takes place some time after Legends Season 1, but doesn’t take into account all of the Season 2 changes (Rip is present in the fic, but so are the Justice Society members from Season 2).

What Could Have Been is a prequel to Flash Sideways.
This fic provides more detail on one of the memories Len mentioned in FS, namely when Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells hired Len as part of a prisoner rehab program.
Then of course we have the Reverse Flash screwing up that timeline by killing the two (canon in Flash Season 1) and Len suffering from a rather severe temporal illness as a result of that change, and later Reverse Flash finding out that Len remembers that other timeline.
I want to go on record, before Captain Cold shows up as part of the Legion of Doom and before we find out once and for all whether this is a younger version of him or one resurrected by the Flashpoint changes (personally, I’m hoping for either a Flashpoint resurrection or a miraculous survival, and a way to persuade him to rejoin the Legends, but only because I like the character and don’t want to completely lose his transition from villain to antihero or drop CaptainCanary before they’ve really started; whether it would make for a good story is another question entirely). I have one scene in this fic–one scene only–that one, assumes the Legion Cold is a much younger Len and two, assumes that he is fighting against the Legends team because the members of the Legion tricked him into believing that Mick betrayed him vis a vis the symptoms and treatment of his temporal illness. Incidentally, this same deception would work with Len mysteriously surviving the explosion of the Oculus, but that one would require figuring out how he got back to Earth. Anyway, you’ll have to keep watch for the fic if you want to see the nature of that deception, but all I can say is… if Len were a real person, he would hate me so very, very much. So now, having said that, soon we shall see what canon decides about his role in the Legion….

And there are plenty more ideas besides.

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NaNo ’16 Day 14

And…. the final chapter of Confessions turns out to be two chapters.
I wonder, sometimes, how long my chapters would really be if I had a reasonable amount of word count in each one… or if I divided them exclusively by content and completely ignored word count.

Divided by word count, I think they currently average about 2,000 words per chapter. The fanfics, anyway, as I have to take scrolling web pages into account when deciding how long is too long.
Divided entirely by content… ick. I try to divide more by content than by length, which sometimes results in certain chapters being a lot shorter than others, but if I divided only by content I’d wind up with a few chapters of a few hundred words or so each and chapters that resemble one of those infinite-scroll web pages.

Anyway, content-wise, that particularly traumatic event for poor Len is written and posted to both my deviantArt and my fanfiction.net. The whole story is now written, it’s just a matter of getting the rest of it posted.
Due to the nature of that trauma, it is marked as mature, and in the case of deviantArt, requires that you sign in to prove your age before you can read it.
Hmm… I wonder if it would’ve been better to lop off that trauma into its own chapter for rating purposes…. let readers who are willing to read the “mature” stuff (assuming parental permission) read the rest of what’s going on without the strict filter, and just leave that one trauma with the mature filter. I might have to edit the fic to do that….
Next up, chapter 5 (assuming I don’t edit for the ratings filter)… in which we find out what Len’s dad really did know about that trauma, and then back to the Waverider!

Word-count-wise, I’ve finished however much of Flash Sideways is in my buffer including the notes.
Next up… adding Confessions to the word count and continuing to work on the other fics.

And the report card says:
Daily written: 2032
Daily goal: 1667 (1838 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 38,581
Total goal: 23,333
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 19.

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NaNo ’16 Day 13

Excuse me, I have an imaginary muse that needs replacing.

Content-wise, I’m just about done with the more traumatic part of Confessions chapter 4, and will soon go back to the ship to see what other members of the team are up to.
That trauma, however, is in the form of a recurring nightmare of some things that happened in Len’s childhood… because my muse apparently thinks that what he suffered in canon isn’t screwed up enough. My muse recently came up with some very…. unusual ideas about what Len should do to try to keep from having those nightmares.
Well, I won’t go into detail on what those ideas were, but Len would be smart enough to know what my muse wanted him to do just isn’t going to work. The strange ideas made it into the version of the fic I’m using for word count purposes, but the scene had to go through a major overhaul before I could consider it worthy of uploading to the fanfic sites.

In terms of word count, my NaNo Rebel file is now caught up with what I’ve posted of Flash Sideways (up through chapter 4), minus any notes I happen to still have on the document.
Next up, the notes that are still in the document, of course–there are quite a few of them–and then start in with… well, Confessions.

And the count gives me:
Daily written: 2305
Daily goal: 1667 (1953 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 36,549
Total goal: 21,667 (34,361 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card says: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.

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NaNo ’16 Day 12

Time for another NaNoWriMo Rebel Report!

Content-wise, I am still working on that final chapter of Confessions (funny thing about being at work all day, kinda hard to get much typing done on break on a tiny little keyboard attached to my phone 😉 ).
I have the lead-up, connecting that chapter to the previous ones, but Len’s oh-so-traumatic flashback, which is the entire point of the chapter, is only just begun.
And then of course I will have other reveals once that flashback is done as Gideon decides to do something about Len’s nightmares before they completely destroy the man.

Word-count-wise, my NaNo “progress” includes all of the third chapter of Flash Sideways, which brings the story to the end of Timeline 1.0 when the Weather Wizard was busy destroying Central City in the Flash season 1 episode 15 Out of Time.
Chapter four picks up after the Flash hits the reset button, and Len with his eidetic memory is having trouble processing the fact that he and Mick and Lisa aren’t dead (and a framing story with Rip Hunter explaining the phenomenon to Len). Chapter five will start in on the events of episode 16 Rogue Time… which of course requires me to rewatch Rogue Time to make sure I’m getting the dialogue and such right.

And the progress shows…..
Daily written: 2759
Daily goal: 1667 (2068 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 34,244
Total goal: 20,000 (32,406 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.

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NaNo ’16 Day 11

And on with the NaNo Rebelling with my Captain Cold fics!

Plot-wise, I’m still working on the final chapter of Confessions–I haven’t actually gotten to the traumatic part, right now Len’s just trying to deal with the side effects of time traveling for the first time.
Word-count-wise, I’ve added a little more of Flash Sideways to my count; specifically partway into chapter 3, right after Len breaks into the hospital that the rescue crews are trying so very hard to get people out of.

Read these and other fics on my deviantArt account or fanfiction.net if you’re interested.

And the word count….
Daily written: 1928
Daily goal: 1667 (2183 if you’re going for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 31,485
Total goal: 18,333 (30,340 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.
Well, while my individual days tend to vary based on what scenes I decide to pull in from my buffer, I’m still in good shape for a total Reverse NaNo. Let’s see if I can get that number to be a little closer to realistic throughout the month… and keep writing those fics while I’m at it!

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NaNo ’16 Day 9-10

Ack! How did I miss updating yesterday?
Shockingly enough, I think how I missed it is because… I was focused on writing, not on my word count. I even had to use the site’s “update by day” function to add day 10’s word count in, because I hadn’t updated anything word-count related…. Whoops.

Anyway, all but one fic have been added to the rebel buffer–I’m currently working on the final chapter of Confessions, so I’ll be adding the entire fic to the buffer just as soon as I finish.
Then I’ll continue this gradual count of parts of that buffer until a) it’s all used up or b) I’ve actually finished writing all the fics in it. Whichever comes first.

Content-wise, I need to:
Re-watch Rogue Time so I can get started on the next chapter of Flash Sideways (chapter 5 will be recreating some of the dialogue, etc, between Lisa, Cisco, and Len from that episode)
Continue uploading Alternate Universe (I’ve written several chapters ahead of what I’ve got uploaded)
Finish chapter 4 (the final chapter) of Confessions
Write chapter 2 of Frustration (and chapter 3, and decide which order I should post Len and Mick’s perspectives–which one is chapter 2 and which one 3?)
Start Majummed… and League of MacGuffins.. and Man Was Not Meant to Know (and figure out a better title for that last one)
And decide whether or not I really want to write/post Incubus or Succubus. (Leaning towards a “yes” on Incubus, even though that may well be the most traumatic one for poor Len.) And decide on better titles; these are just my descriptive file names at the moment, so I know which file to open when I want to start editing.

Anyway, day 10 Word Count:
Daily written: 2563
Daily goal: 1667 (2298 if you’re trying for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 29,557
Total goal: 16,667 (28,157 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 17. Yeah, highly doubtful considering the rebelling going on, but I at least have a decent buffer to work with if’n my work schedule causes my real word count to drop off any time soon.

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