Self Care Chronicles–Feb 8-21

So much for catching up. 😉

Anyway, once again, some of the self-care ideas shared from social media (in particular, those posted and/or shared on Wentworth Miller’s page), and my own responses.

Hmm…. something many of us need to try to do, I’m sure.
But for me, “hiding” comments on FaceBook certainly helps avoid some of those arguments from which there is no return. Also helps declutter my news feed at the same time.

Remember, readers, the tiniest changes can add to up to big differences.
(Edit: I only kinda skimmed through the article before sharing this one. Whoopsie. Whether you’re in the closet or not, or stressed about something else entirely, many of the article’s tips can still help… just modify as needed to your personal situation. Just remember that way the article is written, it is aimed at transsexual concerns.)

John’s right… it is hard to believe. 😉
Joking aside, I wonder if “talking” in this context includes thinking out loud? Those quiet moments to myself are very valuable in many ways, but sometimes the “quiet” only relates to other people.

No free coloring books for me yet, but I do have these other ones to go through:

Some day soon I should see what the library has. Satisfy my curiosity, at any rate.

Writing. Definitely writing for me. Also (very slowly) going through my old trip photos to decide what to migrate to Instagram and what to leave where it is.

Based on my responses to his posts, this must be the first day I’d changed out my routine by taking a walk first thing in the morning.
Usually I’m on the computer first thing, getting all my daily digital tasks done while I have time before heading off to work, but I’m trying to get outside more often (when the weather’s good for it) and exercising more. Not to mention, there are way more photo ops when I’m outside than when I’m sitting in front of a computer. 😉

Wind chimes are certainly a nice type of music.
Story prompt for the fellow writers out there: what were the wind chimes doing high in the branches?

For me, several days going of walking first thing in the morning.
There’s all sorts of meditation out there; going outside and enjoying the day (and enjoying the day being warm enough to leave the winter coat behind!) is a good sort.

Laying in bed with a good book is always one of my self-care options. 😀

So there we have just a few self-care options I liked from my social media feeds, and a few quasi-related self-care options I’ve been doing for myself.

What about you, my readers? To use Went’s question, what does self care look like to you?
Remember, the tiniest changes can make big differences.

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