NaNo ’16 Day 13

Excuse me, I have an imaginary muse that needs replacing.

Content-wise, I’m just about done with the more traumatic part of Confessions chapter 4, and will soon go back to the ship to see what other members of the team are up to.
That trauma, however, is in the form of a recurring nightmare of some things that happened in Len’s childhood… because my muse apparently thinks that what he suffered in canon isn’t screwed up enough. My muse recently came up with some very…. unusual ideas about what Len should do to try to keep from having those nightmares.
Well, I won’t go into detail on what those ideas were, but Len would be smart enough to know what my muse wanted him to do just isn’t going to work. The strange ideas made it into the version of the fic I’m using for word count purposes, but the scene had to go through a major overhaul before I could consider it worthy of uploading to the fanfic sites.

In terms of word count, my NaNo Rebel file is now caught up with what I’ve posted of Flash Sideways (up through chapter 4), minus any notes I happen to still have on the document.
Next up, the notes that are still in the document, of course–there are quite a few of them–and then start in with… well, Confessions.

And the count gives me:
Daily written: 2305
Daily goal: 1667 (1953 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 36,549
Total goal: 21,667 (34,361 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card says: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.

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