NaNo ’16 Day 11

And on with the NaNo Rebelling with my Captain Cold fics!

Plot-wise, I’m still working on the final chapter of Confessions–I haven’t actually gotten to the traumatic part, right now Len’s just trying to deal with the side effects of time traveling for the first time.
Word-count-wise, I’ve added a little more of Flash Sideways to my count; specifically partway into chapter 3, right after Len breaks into the hospital that the rescue crews are trying so very hard to get people out of.

Read these and other fics on my deviantArt account or if you’re interested.

And the word count….
Daily written: 1928
Daily goal: 1667 (2183 if you’re going for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 31,485
Total goal: 18,333 (30,340 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.
Well, while my individual days tend to vary based on what scenes I decide to pull in from my buffer, I’m still in good shape for a total Reverse NaNo. Let’s see if I can get that number to be a little closer to realistic throughout the month… and keep writing those fics while I’m at it!

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