NaNo ’16 Day 7-8

And somehow I missed updating my site for the end of the first week of NaNo.

Okay, content-wise, I’m still rebelling and finding Captain Cold fics in my folder that missed being added to my buffer. Looks to me like I have three left that haven’t been added as of yet.
Once those are added, then I can start with including legitimately new content into my word count….

Word-count-wise… meh, I’m still iffy on whether I’m really going to accomplish a reverse NaNo.

As of Day 8, my count is….
Daily written: 2406
Daily goal: 1667 (Reverse NaNo: 2527)
Total written: 23,698
Total goal: 13,333 (Revers NaNo: 23,447)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 17.

Good luck to all the NaNos and NaNoRebels alike!

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