NaNo ’16 Day 6

And… the rebel’s buffer is almost gone.

In terms of word count, I have finished including everything that is already posted from….
Alternate Universe
Final Thoughts
and the various notes, as well as several chapters that are not posted.

For day 7 I have the things already posted from Flash Sideways and my couple of mature-rated random fics (“mature” because my muse hates me and thinks Len’s childhood isn’t screwed up enough in canon already… though those couple of fics are the only ones that have him do more than shy away from the topic) and anything else I’ve written that I’ve forgotten to add to my buffer.

Putting the NaNo rebellion aside, I am writing new content for these fics. Most of the fics in this set are not completed, and some–the “main” fics I tend to allude to elsewhere–are not even started yet, aside from those notes.
I just haven’t included any of the new content in my word count because I want to keep track of my buffer.

Anyway, NaNo progress:
Daily count: 3344
Daily goal: 1677 (Reverse NaNo goal: 2757)
Total written: 18,438 (Reverse NaNo goal: 18,278)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 17.

Yeah, we’ll see how good I’ll do once my buffer is gone.

Happy NaNo-ing!

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