NaNo ’16 Day 5

And my NaNoWriMo project still has me working on those various DC Legends/Flash fanfics featuring Captain Cold.

Word-count-wise, I’ve got several chapters into the fic Alternate Universe
In this one, in Legends, late season 1–after Len and Mick decide they’re going to leave the team and go back to 2016 on the jump ship–Rip Hunter ends up trying to establish why Len, in particularly, really needs to stick with the mission, by showing him what would’ve happened if most of the team hadn’t been recruited… the most critical consequence being that Zoom takes notice of him and not as someone to recruit to his own cause.
Perhaps, amid my many other plot bunnies occupying my head, I can start getting back to posting this one on deviantArt and

I have also begun writing notes on the fic Majummed, which is the one the whole NaNo project is named after.
This is the one that explores Len’s history with the League of Assassins… a history that the thief with an eidetic memory can’t remember.

Plot-wise, I’ve got a few other fics I’m working on, but I won’t be adding them to my word count until later.
Yup, I’m rebelling; I’m included work I’ve started on before NaNo in my word count (as evidenced by the “posted” dates of some of the fics I’ve got up), which is the main reason I’ve made that kind of progress with my word count. Hopefully I’ll get some decent “new” work before my buffer is used up… but that day won’t be far off, it seems.

Word count progress:
Daily count: 2070
Daily goal: 1667 (though if we got by the “reverse nano” process, that goal should be 2872)
Total count: 15,094
Total goal: 8333
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 17. (Yeah, right.)

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