NaNo 2015 Week 3

I won! I won! I won the money… er, the NaNo. Sorry, wrong movie.

Anyway, plot-wise I… erm…. still didn’t get much farther than the notes that I’ve had in my document since doing this novel last year. I added more to the fanfiction plot bunny, both notes and real scenes, but my progress on the novel I was supposed to be working on only consists of editing a few things here and there.

Word-count-wise, on Saturday Microsoft Word reported my final count at 61,543, and the validator on counted 61,445 words.
Not a whole lot of difference, certainly, and both exceed the requirement to win. But since “winning” depends on what the validator comes up with, that’s the number I have to go with.

Next writing goal: finish that novel! Some writers write purely because they enjoy it, but I fully intend to publish some of my work. But there’s nothing to publish if I don’t have a complete novel.
At the very least I need a complete draft to work with. Sheesh.
Also get to work on that photomanip I wanted to try as cover art. Which means I need to start browsing stock photos again…. or maybe I can find something suitable from the last time I went on a big trip with my parents.

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