NaNo 2015 Week 2

Hmm, I got a little farther in this week, but still not as far as I’d have liked.

Plot-wise, I made it through the hunting expedition, the improptu ball game (which sounds weirdly like a soccer game despite my having made the whole thing up as I went along), and meeting Fahd’s old clan and old friends.

Voalt and company are currently at the Wanderer’s island lair dealing with his creations. Edits are… still necessary. I still need to incorporate the character of Halicent and the modifications I’d made to him for that Superhero class.

And I made some further additions to my notes for that fanfic, all in the name of making sure I don’t forget what I wanted to do before it comes time to actually get back to writing it.

Word-count wise, I made the goal for the days I was writing, and had enough of a buffer to carry me through to the end of the week, but no more than that. Come day 15, and I was already behind again.

But my job schedule has changed, and I am no longer on third shift. While I’m still working the same number of hours, it is my hope that the schedule will be close enough to what I’m accustomed to that I’ll be able to get more writing/editing done even on the days I work, not just on my days off. Here’s hoping. 🙂

Total goal: 23,333
Total count: 23,717
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 30.

Back to the story, and good luck to all the NaNites out there! 😀


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