NaNo 2015 Week 1

The first week of NaNoWriMo is here and gone, and here is my NaNoRebel Report.

Plot Progess

I’ve finished going over the entire prologue, much of which can be found on my other sites Pioneers of the Shattered Waters, Side Quest Publication (deviantArt) and Side Quest Publications (patreon).
It’s just a simple matter of uploading the last few pieces to those various sites.

I have also moved on into the beginnings of the novel proper, all the way up through and past the hunt scene which can be found on my NaNoWriMo profile as the story’s excerpt.
With the exception of excerpts and writing samples found elsewhere, these parts of the story will not be uploaded anywhere except as paid content on Patreon… until such time as the book is finished and ready to be published in whole.
There will most likely be some editing to be done before I can “publish” these chapters, but for NaNoing purposes I can safely say they are complete so I can move on to the next scene.

Word Count Progress

My progress needs quite a bit of work. I tracked over 10,000 words by day 5 (Thursday, my last day off before heading back to night shift), but didn’t manage nearly enough to last until Saturday… let alone to get in a buffer up through today.
Or did I? At some point between shifts a plot bunny from one of my totally unrelated fanfictions decided to jump into my lap, so in the interest of not forgetting those ideas, I jotted them down in the few hours I was at home and awake. My goal is still to finish this novel, but I might be applying that fanfiction towards my total word count come the end of the month. I just won’t be using it in my current count.

As of today, the report card says:
Total goal: 16,667
Total written: 10,593
Report Card: At this rate you won’t finish on time.

Time to get cracking on that novel!… after I get a few more assignments done in that edX class, that is….

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