NaNoRebel 2015: Weekly Edition

Yup, you read that right. Weekly edition.

November’s almost upon us, and for many of us that means National Novel Writing Month, an international month long “competition” in which the goal is to just sit down and write, commit to getting words on the page, and, if all goes well, get at least 50,000 of them written in the course of the month.

This year I plan to do it a little different.
This year, what with having two jobs, one of which is third shift (which schedule my brain still hasn’t adjusted to, leaving me sleeping most of the day away), the usual chores around the house, and–because I apparently decided I didn’t have enough to do this month–a “Digital Branding and Engagement” class via edX, I don’t anticipate writing or updating on a daily basis.
But I am determined to participate. If I manage to write from day to day, great!  But I’ll be satisfied this time around if I can update my word count, and my blog, once a week. When, exactly, that update will occur remains to be seen; my days off fall in the middle of the week.

In addition to my schedule, there is that novel that keeps harping on me to finish it, so I’ll be rebelling again, using NaNo to commit to editing the thing along with creating new content so I can (hopefully) finally create something ready to publish.
With that, I plan to update my blog on my actual progress, wherever I happen to leave off editing, as well as give the draft’s total word count to show how my editing progress compares to the full story.

Good luck to all the writers out there participating!

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