Classwork and the Week Ahead

Today marks the first day of the final week of my class, edX and Stan Lee’s “The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture.”

It was fun while it lasted, and I’m open to taking more classes through the site, but this one’s not over yet! 😀

The class, so far, has been run on somewhat a “work at your own pace” basis–each week makes a new assignment available, but absolutely nothing is due until the very last day.
I have been doing a good job keeping up with the work, completing assignments as soon as they are made available, with the exception of last week when I was babysitting for three days at another house and did not have access to a reliable computer.
I now have all of this week to finalize my own hero’s story, design, and nemesis, and put the finishing touches on a (very rough) sketch of what I expect him to look like.

Wish me luck? 😀
My “hero” is one of the recurring characters I’m already using in my original fiction, by the way…. a time-traveling dragon called Halicent who blends in with the locals by shapeshifting into a human named Oscar. So far as I’m concerned, using him in this class is just an interesting way to develop his character for use in my other work.

However, because I have only this week to finish up this and part of last week’s assignment, I do not plan to attend a certain event that my parents are getting ready for.
So if I stay away from the event, that would give me all of this week–rather than this week minus the weekend–to finish that homework, as well as compile a list of jobs I’ve applied for or want to apply for (and apply for more, certainly), continue to explore Second Life and keep my job skills up to date over all, write some more book reviews (including the promised reviews that were delayed when my Kindle broke), and get some more work done on my creative pursuits during my hypothetical free time. And keep that time open should an employer wish to speak with me, of course.

And keeping my website(s) up to date, though I suppose that technically falls under creative pursuits. 😉

In addition to the time issue, I’m also hoping to replace that Kindle in the very near future. However, birthday money depending, what I replace it with will not be another Kindle, but a Windows tablet… something I can use to work on my “creative pursuits” even when I’m not on my monstrosity of a desktop.
It’s just a matter of finding out how much my folks are willing to contribute for my birthday, seeing how much I have left of the refund after I returned my PS4, and picking out a model that fits my needs and my budget. I was hoping to find something comparable to the Surface (I like the pen-tip stylus better for drawing than the cheap round-ended thing my dad uses on his Kindle, but that’s another post entirely), but there’s no way I’m spending that for only a 32 GB hard drive.

And speaking of the Surface: Not All Tablet Stylus Are Created Equal
I wonder if I could use the “made for Surface” stylus on a different tablet? Not that I particularly care about pressure sensitivity–if I used a mouse in PhotoShop, I’d still be selecting the line thickness manually, and I’m not practiced enough yet to really control how hard I press–but in general…. Has anybody else tried it, and what were the results?

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