NaNo 2014 Day 19

So much for my “more progress on busy days” inane rambling. 😉
But this time it makes a bit more sense. See, this time, I not only had that class, I also had some errands to run in the morning (that kept us out until it was about time to head to class), and this Boy Scout turkey dinner thing in the evening… and more errands in between.

While I was on the computer in class, it was to work on the PHP segment of one of our projects… easier said than done when the router wasn’t working so I couldn’t get online to look up error codes and such.
I guess that keeps “my own laptop/tablet” on that Christmas list. For some inexplicable reason, the students who had laptops of their own could get online just fine; it was those of us who were stuck using the school computers that couldn’t access the internet.
I wasn’t on the computer at home, except to post my blog update… and check for new messages on assorted sites and email.

Meanwhile, I’ve just joined up with the Tardis wikia.
No guarantee I’ll post much on there, but I have seen the occasional detail in need of editing, so once my account is finalized (such that it may be), I might start making the odd fix… provided nobody fixes those details first.
Trouble is, the one fix I can think of that needs adjusting right now crosses three pages (an actor’s birthdate); if I fix it on just the profile, does it automatically update the other two, or would I need to update those as well? Need to look through their help info a bit before making any actual changes. For now I’ll just muck about with my profile.
And maybe I’ll (eventually) start joining other wikia for assorted reasons. Maybe.

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