NaNo 2014 Day 18

Can someone explain why I seem to get more work done on  my NaNo–which, some days, is to say any work done–on the days I have class?

One would think, since I’m not only in class those days, but have a whole bunch else going on, that I’d get very little writing if any at all done. At the very least, one would think that I’d get a lot less done those days than the rest of the week.
I think the issue is that I’m doing everything else the other days–things to do with Winter and housecleaning, after which I don’t want to do much but sit around with a cup of hot chocolate–but it’s still weird that the days I technically have the “busy schedule” are also the days that I accomplish more writing outside of that schedule.

Anyway, at last count, either I’d mistyped my progress from Day 17 or I managed to delete a bit after, because my word count is a tiny bit lower. (Very tiny, just a 20 word difference.)
I don’t recall doing a whole lot of heavy editing since my last count, but okay, whatever.

For all purposes, I’ll just leave it as “no progress,” mmkay?

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