NaNo 2014 Day 16-17

Finally, a more recent… ish NaNoWriMo update! ^^;

I’ve gone back to the prologue, but I’m actually working on new content. Right now I’ve got pirate captain Denizen working himself into a frenzy as he tries not to pace (he hates having to stand still 😉 ) while former desert nomad and current First Lieutenant Fahd keeps on eye on the merchant ship’s movements.
Soon they’ll get to attack, which will bring the pirate’s part of the story right up to where the first part of the prologue leaves off. But only after Fahd notices something very peculiar abut the merchant ship… or more accurately, about the people on it.

Outside of NaNo, I am of course continuing to work on homework–why does it always seem like there are more assignments towards the end of the semester? The assignments were laid out from the beginning, and the weekly workload never changes, but it always feels like there’s more to do….
Anyway, I am also attempting to catch up on my reading–only 100 items on my Kindle to go, plus the (shockingly low) half dozen books I still own print copies of. Maybe someday soon I’ll start putting up more reviews.
I’m looking around for a better carving knife, and hoping to hear back from a certain co-author sibling pair regarding lineart from one of their books… also hoping for a chance to meet them afterward; the whole reason I want to do a relief carving from their book is to give it to them as a gift. 😀

And back on the subject of reviews, I’ve just found out about the Goodreads Giveaways! Lots of people entering, and plenty of books that I’m not interested in, but it’s worth putting my name in, just in case.
I’ll post something more on the subject later on.
And if I win something and leave a review here, I’m guessing that qualifies as a “Sponsored Post“? Near as I can tell, Amazon Affiliate links would still be allowed, as per WordPress’s Affiliate policy.

Anyway, the numbers as of Day 17.

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 3277
Total goal: 28,333
Total written: 38,261
Report card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 23.

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