NaNo 2014 Day 9-10

No NaNo writing done these past two days.

On Sunday, I had to help my dad remove the mower deck from his tractor so we could install the snowblower, which took far longer than it should have–the instruction manual included the step about the clutch cable thingamabob (which is permanently attached to the tractor) in the “assembly” section instead of the “attaching the assembly,” and since the assembly was already, well, assembled from years passed, the assumption is that we didn’t need that section.

Then, because my rebel-word-count was pretty far ahead, I tried to get some work done on that assignment I mentioned from Day 8… only to discover that even the trial mode wouldn’t cut it for me. *headmeetsdesk*
The problem, it seems, is that the file we needed to work on was not one to create ourselves, but rather one that should’ve been included in the downloaded sample files… but was mysteriously absent.
Still, the assignment in question was extra credit. Annoying that I couldn’t finish it, but since it wasn’t required, I reasoned it was better to skip it, get to work on the next assignment, and go back to it when I had a chance later.

And on Monday, I had…
Game Scripting class (and I think, somewhere along the lines, another file that either went missing or I never acquired to begin with ^^; )
and Scouts.
I got a bit more homework done, but no NaNo.

Copying my cumulative count from Day 8 to Day 10 still gives me a head start, and the report card tells me:
Total written: 20,381
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 25

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