NaNo 2014 Day 4

Prologue’s done, yay!

Assuming I don’t find more things that need editing. *facepalm*

Anyway, on Day 4 I:

  • Got a little work done on my NaNoWriMo while my mother drove off to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Voted.
  • Got some more homework done.
  • Went out with my mother to do some early Christmas shopping–to help her with Christmas shopping, that is, seeing as most of the stuff I intend to buy (due to memberships on assorted kickback/profit websites) will need to wait until closer to Christmas in case anything needs returning after.
  • Had lunch at a Chinese buffet.
  • Came back home and did more work on NaNoWriMo.

And the report card:

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 3809
Total goal: 6667
Total written: 7283
Report card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 28

And slightly-off-topic-but-not, is anybody else interested in the NaNo Writing Tools bundle from storybundle?
I’m not quite ready for some of the marketing, I think, but there are a few here and there that I might want, and given their pricing system (pay what you want, as low as $3, for the whole bundle), I think it might be well worth the purchase.
I just… need to get some more money in PayPal first, maybe by selling more stuff on eBay.

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