NaNo 2014 Day 2

Another NaNoWriMo, another day, another section of the prologue in an old novel.
As well as a birthday party, homework, chores, dinner, and more homework.

My pirate crew rescued a pair of prisoners from a local group of mercenaries, and finally pushed their way through a terrible storm to reach port.
In the next section, they’ll have to figure out just what to do with these prisoners….

Well, seeing as I’m rebelling by editing my old content before working on the new (and including both in my word count), maybe I’ll catch up on that prologue, start adding it to my Patreon, and give myself a real headstart in the next few days… assuming I didn’t just jinx myself by hoping for that. 😉

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 1699
Total goal: 3333
Total written: 3474
Report card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 29.

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