NaNoRebel 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 is officially here!

Judging from my other attempts at blogging on the subject, yesterday’s post was a day earlier than planned. As in years past, I will be blogging about a given day’s progress, such that it may be, the following day.

Also regarding yesterday’s post, I would like to clarify my plans to rebel should anybody be interested in the specifics… or even just to note things down for my own use, to keep myself on track.
Feel free to ignore my rambling if the second one turns out to be the case. 😉

I am starting NaNo this year with The Graft, a novel that I began during NaNo 2011, and have to date accomplished 31,803 words (according to Microsoft’s word count) of combined story and outline.

This number is important to calculate how much progress I actually make this time around… because my final word count will include whatever story I already have.
However, I will be making edits as I go, whether it’s the normal editing that I would do any other time throughout the year, or the NaNo-specific edits that come from deleting the outline, as I write out the respective scenes and no longer require the outline.

The number is important for another reason, as well. It is a way to measure how long it really takes for me to finish editing the old content before I can start on the new.
Because, even though I am rebelling in somewhat the same way as I did last year, I am not adding to my word count in quite the same way.
Last year, I generally reported the typical daily goal of 1,667–give or take; I tried to at least finish out scenes–until I reached the end of my older content.
I am not doing that this year.
Nor am I starting this year with the full 30-some-odd thousand words.
No, this year I’ll be writing and editing… well, whatever I manage to accomplish each day. And since I’ll be busy with classwork and Boy Scout things and whatever else for most of the first week, even that might not be much of a head start.

But I will do what I can. Though I wouldn’t be too quick to turn down any “winner’s” prizes, the real goal this year is finishing that novel!

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