NaNo 2014 Day 0

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and many a writer will go into it with full plans on what they will write… or no plans at all.

Me, I’ll probably be doing a little of both.

This year, I’m rebelling again.
Why? Because I need to finish that novel, dagnabbit! 😀

This, my fifth year participating in National Novel Writing Month, will be the third year running that I’m working on my pirate novel, The Graft, and this year, I’m not doing that “revise a little a day” thing that I did last year.
No, this year, I’m rebelling in a big way, because I’ll be starting with whatever I’ve got already, all 20-some-odd thousand commentary-free words of it… but I’ll be editing as I go (sorry NaNo angels ^^; ), rather than waiting for NaNo’s end.
So some days I might make the daily goal, some days I won’t, some days might even have a lower count than the day before. And not only is there still a chance I won’t finish the novel before month’s end, there will always be a real chance that I won’t even meet the word count requirement by month’s end.

On the other hand, should I finish the novel early (and should it meet that word count requirement), I’ll get to work on my “no-longer-fanfiction” Doctor Who rewrite attempts, my Tales of the Wanderer set… which I most likely won’t include in my word count.

Speaking of word counts, you can keep an eye on my progress in the sidebar if you like, or look me up on the NaNo site. I’m skai413 over there.

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