You Know You Need a Job When….

Revised and reposted as a journal on my main deviantArt account

Slightly outdated–I did recently get a job, and these things came up months before–but I only just made up my mind to post them.

Anyway, you know you need a job when:

Your David Tennant fantasy… is babysitting his kids.
(Provided as a counter to one I’d seen on Twitter: you know you’re tired when your David Tennant fantasy is him offering babysitting services.)

You dream of meeting John Barrowman, and your only reaction… is to hand him a copy of your resume.
Or to be annoyed that you don’t have a copy of your resume to give him.
(The first version started turning into a real-life dream back around May. 😉 But I’ve got to meet him first!)

You dream of meeting Jack Harkness… because he’s hiring a new secretary for Torchwood.

Your David Tennant and/or John Barrowman fantasy… is acting as tech support for some documentary project they’re involved in.
That fantasy had a lot of detail. As I recall, it was a project similar to Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s “Long Way Around,” except my fantasy version had the pair focusing more on historical sites. (You know, because they both played time travelers. 😉 ) And my primary job was to handle the social media aspect of the project, and occasionally help out with the filming and video editing and such, because the project had very few people working on it by design–apparently they wanted to do it by themselves, but the studio refused for insurance reasons.

I should point out a few things.

One, the first and last examples were “fantasies” in the sense of daydreaming (and I might even attempt to make a story out of the last one), while the other two were dreams in the sense of the thing that happens when you’re asleep.

Two, I don’t do “actor fantasies” (or character fantasies, for that matter), with the exception of the types shown here, getting the chance to work with those actors or characters in whatever employment they already have.
(e.g., I’m not the girl who wants the Doctor for a boyfriend, I’m the girl who wants him for a boss. Or a brother, if he wants to play at being a family. And if Mr. Tennant or Mr. Barrowman ever need computer assistance on some project or other…. 😀 )
That first fantasy was weird for me simply because, given the option, I’d rather do less babysitting. The last was right up my alley, fantasizing both about the type of job I’d like and the person I’d like to work with.

And three, the sheer mundane situation of the third example somehow made it extra weird, even for a Torchwood setting.
In that dream, Jack Harkness came to the YMCA where I do my swim classes, picked me up in the not-at-all-inconspicuous Torchwood van, and drove me to some secret location so he and Toshiko could interview me for the job.
The weird part? The whole trip he kept insisting that I pay attention and remember exactly the route we took, but the route in question was the same way I normally go home from the Y… until we passed my road, at which point I blacked out, only to wake up at whatever location I was being interviewed at.
Blacking out, apparently, didn’t count against me. I can only assume I wasn’t supposed to know the actual location until they made a decision about hiring me. But even allowing for dream logic, I can’t even begin to figure out why I was supposed to memorize the route before that point.

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