NaNo 2013 Day 7

Agenda for the day:

  • Aqua Zumba
  • Leave Aqua Zumba early due to detecting smell of  perfume (allergies, bleh!)
  • Chores
  • More monetizing research
  • Plan next video
  • Look into other jobs
  • Continue NaNo
  • I forget what else. ^^;

So I’ve finally finished up with the older work in my NaNo. Next step, expand my notes into proper scenes and start adding new material.
Given my current rebelling word count, I expect I can afford to play Skyrim now and again for YouTube purposes, as well as put more time/effort into finding out how to monetize those and any other videos (including random ones like the “stupid pet tricks” one I took several months back of my dog).
However…. I still mean to try for the 1667 daily goal, not to mention (fingers crossed) actually finish the novel this time around.

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 6130
Total goal: 11667
Total written: 28728 (includes notes from older draft)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on November 13.

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