NaNo 2013 Day 6

Agenda for the day:

  • Aqua Cise
  • Get groceries for the week/end
  • Get lunch
  • Do chores
  • Take nephew to boy scout museum so he can work on his Scout Heritage merit badge
  • Continue researching monetizing options
  • Continue working on NaNo
  • Make plans for more Skyrim Modded videos

Regarding the videos, it looks like Bethesda doesn’t have a problem with making fan videos, but I don’t have their permission to profit or make “commerical use” out of them. That was to be expected (we are talking about copyrighted material, after all), but I’ve seen other places that don’t allow “commercial use” but still allow a handful of ads (via YouTube’s system) or affiliate links (via Amazon and here), so I’m still waiting for official word with a more specific answer.
I mean, I wouldn’t consider it profit, but that’s based on the accounting formula “profit=revenue minus expenses”… I certainly don’t expect pay off my student loan on monetized videos, let alone actually profit from them. I’d be surprised if I even made back the cost of the game or any equipment used to make the videos, if you wanted to be technical about what counts as an “expense” in this situation.
But there is the legal issue to be considered, thus needing official word.

I’m also still trying to find current information–not rumors and personal interpretation, either, and certainly not a four-year-old document–that says yea or nay on affiliate links on YouTube.
I’ll agree with one comment I’ve seen–that being an Amazon affiliate means I am licensed to make a commission on these things, and therefore it should be allowable by YouTube’s policy–but that’s still a matter of personal interpretation.
And, of course, I’m looking for that “official announcement” on affiliate links on WordPress that I was told would come in a few weeks… after receiving an email about it a few weeks ago.

Regarding the NaNo…. I’ve finally got something that looks like a realistic word count, but it’s still based on rewriting/editing old work.
This time around I’d reached a point where two of my characters had decided to swap names midway through the planning stages…. ^^;

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 1978
Total goal: 10000
Total written: 22598
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on November 14.

I shouldn’t have any trouble “winning” with this kind of rebellion, not with a full week’s buffer, but my real goal is to actually finish the darn thing, have something ready to publish once the Createspace codes are awarded.
Though I’ll still need something decent for cover art….

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5 Responses to NaNo 2013 Day 6

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog post. Appreciate it. Been enjoying reading your blog for the past few day’s.


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