NaNo 2013 Day 4

What did I do all day? I forget….

Well, besides chores and the job search–both of which are perpetual tasks (at least until I get another job, in which case chores will still be perpetual)–I looked into Fraps videos and YouTube a little more, and made some headway with my NaNo.

Regarding Fraps, I believe I found, and correctly adjusted, the setting to get High Definition. Whether I’ll actually need it is another thing entirely, but at least the option is there.

Regarding YouTube… I’ll have to wait until I get another video going to see if the HD change works out.

Regarding voice commentary… I might just cave and record that directly to the video with Fraps, if I don’t give YouTube’s own overlay system a try. I’m pretty sure they had something in place for adding music; it might work for adding my commentary, if I can get the darn thing synced.
The next couple of videos won’t have much to do with mods just yet, except maybe for testing purposes (like to see if the Fin Gleam and Adaptive Night Eye play nice with each other). Plus they’d be so early in the game that there’s virtually no player choice involved, so I’d be going through what everyone has to do. So I feel fairly safe experimenting during that part of the game.

Regarding being online. I still need to look into affiliate links via Amazon and the like. I need money, darn it! I’ve just about used up the rest of my student loan… paying off my student loan ^^; And I still have about 22 years of payments yet to make.
Kind of hard to make money here if WordPress doesn’t release that “official statement” (note to self, look through email for the main link again), or if YouTube’s Terms of Service are vague about the matter.
Also keep looking for a job. I can almost guarantee affiliate links will not get me enough to pay off the loan, let alone make a living.

And regarding the NaNo… I haven’t finished yet with the old work, but I think I’m close. And I have stopped, for the moment, at the first area in major need of revision and expansion. Specifically, just before the crew reaches the conjurer’s island.
I still need to decide how the trek on the island should go.

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 9195 (I wish)
Total goal: 6667
Total written: 17536
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on November 12. (Yeah, not happening; I’ve just about used up the buffer from two years ago.)

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