NaNo 2013 Day 3

Agenda for the day:

  • Get some chores done.
  • Go to a birthday party.
  • Go to a boy scout meeting.
  • Get more chores done.
  • Fill out some more job applications.
  • Play Skyrim, make a gameplay video. (First video made, now I just need to mess around with the software and YouTube to get it looking the way I want.)
  • Work on my NaNo, work on another “tagged” journal on deviantArt, and work on the Halloween Murder Mystery on deviantArt. (In progress, done, and done.)
  • Fill out more job applications… and bookmark a few places to look into in the morning.

Agenda for the future:

Keep playing around with the software and YouTube settings to get those videos looking right–I’m not sure how to sync up my commentary with the video, short of just letting FRAPS record both (I wanted to keep them separate in case I wanted to upload a non-commented version of the video), and I can’t increase the image size on YouTube without it getting all pixelated (I’ve just found the new video quality and size options, but the image still looks a mite blurry….)
Update: I believe I’ve successfully gotten my ‘puter set to play (and therefore record) the game in 1080p. Whether I’ll need that is another story, and I’ll have to wait until another day to see if it will convert and upload to YouTube that way.

Continue looking into affiliate links–WordPress apparently allows them now, though I’m waiting for the official word so I can link to it, but the jury seems to be out on YouTube–I’m not finding any data newer than 2012, and their TOS (which are vague, at best, on the subject to begin with) haven’t been updated since 2010.
Either way, I mean to start adding the videos to my site, as well. And (once NaNo is over) get back to work on the Skyrim fanfic, among other things.

Get those OC bios finished! It won’t do much good to be in an “I’ll draw your OC” drawing if I don’t have any descriptions to provide. 😀

Keep working on the NaNo.

Keep looking for another job.

Anyway, the report card:

Daily goal: 1667
Daily written: 3501
Total goal: 5000
Total Written: 8341
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on November 18.

And… I think I’m about halfway to the end of my last editing stage. A couple more days, and I might actually start adding to the story instead of merely rewriting/editing what I’ve done before.

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3 Responses to NaNo 2013 Day 3

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the ping back! I’ve posted my Day 3 summary here:


  2. Thank you for the pingback!


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