NaNo 2013 Day 1

Agh! I forgot about NaNoWriMo…!

Okay, technically speaking, I didn’t forget about it, it just didn’t register for some stupid reason that yesterday was November 1st.
I’d already planned on being a rebel this year and finishing/rewriting my 2011 NaNo, so I have more than enough written to account for yesterday’s word count (even if I just cut it off at the stuff that’s been edited), I just forgot to enter it onto the site.

Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that I actually finish the novel this time. 😀
Unfortunately, my time, this time around, is limited by a variety of things–one, the job search. (How on earth do I have that much less time, now I’ve got a job… when I’m barely ever on the calendar? Weird.)
Two, the parents don’t like me being in my room for long periods of time when they’re not at home–which makes sense, as I either need to babysit or keep an eye on the dog–and they seem to always find something else for me to do when they are home.
Three, in those stolen moments when I do get to be in my room doing me-stuff, I have to fight the distraction of using a certain investment so it doesn’t gather the metaphorical dust–I bought the computer, I bought the games, I bought the headset… I want to use what I’ve bought and make gameplay videos, darn it! 😀 Or I’m limited because those stolen moments are when the parents are asleep, meaning I can play the games (sometimes) but I can’t do commentary… thus the headset still gathers dust.
A laptop that can run Skyrim and then some would neatly take care of most of that–I’d still have chores to do, but those “stolen moments” would include time when I’m home alone–but I still need money for another device.

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