Progress Report–Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage has been available as an ebook for a little over a month now at numerous online retailers. You can find a complete list of where it’s sold on my Published Work page.

It has sold, so far:
1 copy via Amazon,
7 downloads via Smashwords (3 of which were free samples)
and… nada via deviantArt. I might want to re-upload it as an HTML or a PDF or something…. Maybe with some text for a proper preview of the story.

It has made, so far:
70 cents via Amazon,
and nada via the other two. For that reason, I suspect most of those 7 downloads on Smashwords were me, loading it onto my Kindle to preview it every time I fixed something.
And technically, I haven’t even made the 70 cents. If I recall, there’s a certain threshold I’m supposed to meet before I actually get any money.

I need to do more research on marketing.
Not to mention keep working on my other stories; it’s not like I could make a living off of one short story, now is it? 😉

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3 Responses to Progress Report–Rite of Passage

  1. jadereyner says:

    Love this post and your take on the reality of this whole self publishing lark. Marketing is most definitely the hardest bit as far as I can tell! Thanks for the mention. 🙂


    • Thanks!
      This was originally intended to be a general progress report, really: how many copies sold of one book, how much I’ve finished writing of another, that sort of thing. It wasn’t until I realized how much detail I could find about how little I’ve sold (rolls eyes) that I decided to split things up.

      And yeah, even that single month is enough to tell me that marketing isn’t easy.
      But my fingers are crossed! 😀


      • jadereyner says:

        I’m busily crossing my fingers for my book too – funny how that’s not a recognised marketing strategy! Wish you all the best of luck.! 🙂


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