NaNo ’12 Day 29

A winner is me! In more ways than one.

First is that I pulled off and validated the required word count, just before dinner, even in spite of my nephew interrupting to ask me to put in an episode of Doctor Who. (The answer being a flat no, we didn’t have time, because we had to eat dinner so we could leave. If he’d asked an hour ago, maybe, but not then….)
I made the count according to both Microsoft Word, and according to the NaNo validator.
And instead of subtracting words, as I’ve seen NaNo do before, this time it added words to my count.

The second way is that, even though I didn’t finish writing out the actual scenes in that one plot bunny, I finished plotting it out to the very end.
Well, sort of. I do have a few notes that still say “I want something to happen here.”
But unlike the past two years, in which I had something I wanted, but couldn’t remember what it was, these notes simply related to the passage of time. Simply put, x number of days passed between scenes, and I had no idea what, if anything, should happen during that lapse.
But the basic plot bunny is all plotted out.

The next step, given that this year’s NaNo was made up of several loosely related plot bunnies, is to divide the scenes up into their respective stories (and respective files on the computer), and then begin editing.
First edit that prologue, and post it to my Pioneers site. Not to mention some of the theories that connect my Doctor Who fiction with my other fiction. And post the prologue to my secondary deviantArt account, I think.
Then edit the first story in the group–then one that officially introduces the parasitic swarm.
Then attempt to finish writing the second story in the group, where the Doctor faces off against the Beast of Gevaudan…editing as I go, most likely.

And then… do I worry about the next story around World War 2, or do I try to work on my non-Doctor Who NaNos from years past?
It depends on how close I am to the winner’s code deadline by that point. Could I use my winnings on one of my older works, or on the newer ones….?

Progress, according to Microsoft Word, is as follows:

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words
Daily written: 1539
Total goal: 48333
Total written: 50169
Report Card: Congratulations! You won!

According to the NaNo validator, my total was 50,424. Even better. 😀

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2 Responses to NaNo ’12 Day 29

  1. Steven Atwood says:

    Grats! I wish I could write that fast


    • Thanks!
      You think that’s fast, you should see one of my friends. 135,000 the first year she participated, and over 85,000 the second….
      She slowed way down this time (her third year) due to a job, but she still beat me by a good couple of thousand words, and I don’t have the “job” to excuse myself from writing time.

      Granted, when I’m not in NaNo, I don’t write nearly that fast, either.
      I’ve been known to take most of a year writing and/or editing a story of similar length, and even had to give away my winner’s code my first year just because I took too long to edit the darn thing…and I still haven’t finished writing it. ^^;


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