NaNo ’12 Day 26

Another day of double tutoring — my goodness I wish the evening sessions weren’t volunteer….

And more messing around in Skyrim. (Bad writer, bad! No cookie for you!) But I did manage to get a sizeable chunk of of a day’s worth of writing done.
I’m not exactly sure how I managed that; it doesn’t seem like I really added anything new, not notes or story. Weird.

I did, however, manage to figure out a few more things about that one scene that’s been bugging me, so I added a bit more to that.
And I gave one of Monsieur Rousseau’s mercenaries “servants” a personal reason to keep an eye on the Doctor, rather than Rousseau’s own untrustworthy motives.
Well, rather than only Rousseau’s motivations.
And in the process, the previously mentioned servant was promoted from “a generic extra with a speaking part” to an actual character! 😀 A minor character, but a character just the same.
Now if I could just finish showing the Doctor why Rousseau shouldn’t be trusted…. Or finish showing Donna, rather, seeing as Ten has retreated into another room for a hot bath.

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words
Daily written: 820
Total goal: 43333
Total written: 45815
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 29.

And a 1046 daily average would let me finish on time.

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