NaNo ’12 Day 23-25

Lousy weather and other excuses kept me offline again.
Even though I did manage to get some writing done, I completely lost track of how much I wrote each day.

So this post is for the entire Thanksgiving weekend!

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words (I believe that would be 5,000 or 5,001 for three days running)
Daily written: 8458
Total goal: 41667 (as of day 25)
Total written: 44995
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 28.

And a 1001 daily average would let me finish on time.
Granted, if I’d managed the entire month what I managed just in the last three days…I’d be validating my novel right now. I’d be done with the word count and ready to start editing.

*shrug* Meh, I’m close.
So I won’t finish as early as I did the last two years; I still should be able to finish on time. My big “finish early” goal isn’t for bragging rights, anyway; it’s to avoid problems with last-minute internet lag, if I wait too long to validate.

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