NaNo ’12 Day 22

Thursday, November 22… It’s Turkey Day!

And no computer or internet, thanks to nasty weather.
Almost no internet; I could browse the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages via 3G on my Kindle, and spent a long time looking up options for Hearthfire… but I neglected to copy any of my writing to the Kindle or a flash drive, so no progress on the NaNo. ^^; I’m not that good at remembering where I left off, otherwise I could have just written away on the AlphaSmart without a copy of NaNo draft.

Given my progress the last couple of days, this actually means I’m only a couple of hundred words behind.
Here’s hoping I manage those and then some over the weekend.

The end of the month is coming up fast!
Good luck to all the NaNoers out there.

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One Response to NaNo ’12 Day 22

  1. I can’t keep up even as I am in this NaNoWWriMO


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