NaNo ’12 Day 17

I managed a full day’s worth — kind of waffling back and forth between those theories, assorted notes, and the scene(s) I plan to use as the excerpt on my NaNo profile page.

I’ve officially finished the scene in question, now I just need to figure out what editing, if any, is necessary before I use it as an excerpt. This, due to word count, is going to be all new writing, however; the current version will stand in place of “notes” on how the scene should go, but I will recreate it and add to my word count, not remove from it.

I’ve also worked out, to some degree, which theory/ies should go here and which on my secondary site.
Plot points and theories that can apply to my (or anyone’s) writing in general will go here. Examples include my much older article about prologues and epilogues, as well as the Cardiff Rift theory I have posted thus far.
Plot points and theories that apply specifically to my “Pioneers of the Shattered Waters,” such as, say for instance, one about the alternate realities of Doctor Who, will of course go on the other site. (Update Or, if they are strongly Doctor Who related and have little else to do with my fiction, they will go on yet another site: “Whovian Crossover Cameos“)
Certain theories might go on both sites, depending on how strongly they relate: the Cardiff Rift theory could relate merely by having Eleven refuel at the Rift at some point in my theory, any attempt at predicting Rose and 10.5’s fate would have nothing to do with my own writing, and the alternate realities would have a great deal to do with certain stories.

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 1798
Total goal: 28333
Total written: 28160
Report Card: At this rate, you won’t finish on time.

And a 1680 daily word count would let me finish on time.

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