NaNo ’12 Day 16

Welp, I’m back to being behind by a few hundred words. But given that my count is after I’d completely missed one day, it’s actually not that bad….

I just wish I’d been able to make all along the amount I’d managed for Day 16 alone.

Anyway, I didn’t make much progress on the story. First I’d done up that theory in the previous post, then I tried to write out some of my other theories.

Seeing as I’ve managed (quite by accident) to find a story-centric reason to connect my Who fics with my non-Who fics, I expect those theories to be posted, not on this, my main account, but on my “Pioneers of the Shattered Waters” account.
Depends on how coherent I can make them. And how much they relate to the actual stories… as opposed to a list of assorted theories.
But some of them ought to make it over there, due to that connection. So Whovians and other interested readers, keep watch!
Now if I can just work out a good way to add the “shattered waters” theme to the Who fics….

Anyway, progress:

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 2612
Total goal: 26667
Total written: 26362
Report Card: At this rate, you won’t finish on time.

And a 1688 daily word count would let me finish on time.

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