NaNo ’12 Day 13

A lot more words, but it was mostly notes. Good grief, I want to take those things out. But my word count isn’t high enough to try.

I added some details from one of my creature bios (as related to the possible excerpt), as well as to earlier entries from other creature bios.

And I think I managed some writing in the actual scene. A little bit of actual story-writing here, quite a bit of stream of consciousness there….

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 2332
Total goal: 21667
Total written: 22336
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 30.

And a 1627 daily average would let me finish on time.

Also… I have a question for my readers, and any Whovians who might come across this post.

In this particular scene, I have it that the Doctor and his (once-off) companion are being pursued by a certain group of hunters.
Not like bounty hunters or anything; more like some alien or interdimensional version of wolves (in fact, when one of them is caught, it’s compared to a wolf.)


In the scene, the Doctor is transmatted to safety. The transmat could only lock on to one target at a time, but it’s assumed that if the Doctor and companion were touching (holding hands, etc), it would have grabbed both. Think of the scene in… Sound of Drums, if I remember right.
Part of the problem is, they weren’t touching. The Doctor recognized the sensation of a transmat, but it took him away before he could reach the companion. This was by accident (the rescuer had intended to grab them both).

The other part of the problem is, the transmat cannot be used again to rescue the companion, thus requiring her to figure out how to keep the hunters from catching her until rescue arrives.
My question is, why not? Why can’t she be transmatted out?

My theories are as follows:
The hunters are too close, and even though they’re not touching, there is still a risk of picking them up in the transmat. (Not likely, given the reason the companion wasn’t transmatted out.)
The hunters are too close, and are now alerted to the transmat (they are engineered to recognize a variety of frequencies, including those typically used for distress signals–they can probably sense transmats, as well), and thus could catch the companion before she is rescued. (But would the rescuers hesitate on a “could?”)
The transmat system used only had enough power for one transmat, and needs time to recharge.

Further, why can’t the rescuers simply ask someone (Jack Harkness and whatever remains of Torchwood, or perhaps anyone from UNIT) for help, and ask them to transmat the companion out?
My current theory there is based on the “they can recognize certain radio frequencies”–in this case, telling anyone the girl’s location would lead the hunters right to her. This could be used with the “not enough power” theory above, rendering it impossible to use the original transmat in time, and impossible to give the coordinates to any other rescuers….

Long story short, I know how I want her to get out of there, I just haven’t quite decided why her solution is necessary…. ^^;

Alternatively, the companion is from another universe, so I could always B.S. my way into claiming that the transmat couldn’t actually read her, so the only way she could transmat is by piggy-backing with someone else.
Which would make the hunters’ interest even more relevant–they show up in some of my non-Who fics as hunting out “breaches” between universes, so they’d definitely be interested in the companion.
I’m just not sure how much I want to rely on that point in the main plot, at least regarding the rescue…. I kind of want to look at other options, regardless of what I do with the “other universe” idea.

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