NaNo ’12 Day 9

Still working on that prologue. I think it’s almost done, though.

I had to explain just why Rose was so quick to assume Ten was a different person than Nine (in the literal sense, not in the “his personality changed” sense that regeneration usually causes) rather than just changed….even though he’d changed right in front of her, after he warned her that he would change.
In my version, she’d met Ten before. No, not during his “goodbye tour” in the End of Time. Or not only then. She’d met him during the course of one of my stories.
Now I just need to establish why it’s so important that she doesn’t go into more detail about the nature of that meeting, why she shouldn’t try to change the Time Lord’s own past/future, in spite of it being from, well…. the “sadistic plot.”

Then I can move on to the next plot bunny.
And once edited, maybe post that prologue on to my other writing site. Or should that wait until I can get the others published? 😉

Anyway, progress:

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 2184
Total goal: 15000
Total written: 15613
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 29.

Looks like I’ve still got some work if I want a buffer. Or the lead I had the first two days.
But a 1637 daily average would let me finish on time.

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One Response to NaNo ’12 Day 9

  1. orestgtd says:

    Thanks for linking to my post. Good luck with your NaNoWriMo journey! That’s a great report card status. Mine says I’ll finish in mid to late December.


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