NaNo ’12 Day 5

So I’ve managed most of a day’s work this time around.

In spite of two tutoring sessions (one of my new students plus the ESL in the evening).

Unfortunately, that “most” combined with already having been behind on Day 4 means I’m a bit further behind. See, I’d managed almost of a day’s work, but I finished one particular scene at around 11:50 pm and decided I wasn’t going to make any headway on the next scene before midnight.

Here’s hoping I can catch up soon.

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 1486
Total goal: 8333
Total written: 7676
Report Card: At this rate, you won’t finish on time.

I’ll need a minimum of 1692 words per day to finish on time.

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2 Responses to NaNo ’12 Day 5

  1. Thanks for the pingback…I’m finding writing in 25 minute segments the way to go for me. I can focus for that amount of time if I’m not interrupted. I need to catch up as well!


    • Thanks for the tweet. 😉
      I’ve never really noticed an issue with the time; either I can focus or I can’t, and how long I’m at it never seems to make that big of a difference.
      Besides personal focus, my problem tends to be the other interruptions…particularly the “we’ll leave you alone when you’re writing” parents who constantly interrupt me while I’m writing, sometimes even as soon as I sit down or open the file.


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