NaNo ’12 Day 4–Not Much Progress….

And here’s why:
I was hardly on the computer.

Oh, if my parents saw that, they’d laugh.
“Oh, but you’re on the computer all day long,” they’d say.
“We can hardly get you off for five minutes to eat,” they’d say.

But this time, it’s true. I was hardly on the computer at all during Day 4.
And writing in a notebook, or my AlphaSmart, or anything else really didn’t work as an alternative, because I barely had a chance to write anything.

The computer was on a good chunk of the day. The file was open a good chunk of the day.
But I had only a few stolen moments in which to add a few lines here and there, not enough to be worth reporting. No sooner would I sit down when my parents found something else they wanted me to do.
If I hadn’t gotten a lead the first couple of days, I’d be a full day behind now.

See, when I got up in the morning, the first thing I had to do, besides eat breakfast, was take my nephew to his RCIC.
Not a big problem. My mother usually takes him, but she’d come out of surgery lately (I’m sensing a pattern for this time of year) and didn’t want to drive.
Granted, I never agreed to sponsor him, was never even asked to sponsor him, so anything I do for his class is technically beyond my “job description”–along with quite a few after-school activities that they volunteered me to do without any word to me. And I’m not getting paid for it, so my parents can’t use the “big bucks” argument for why this became my job instead of theirs.
But still not a real problem.

Then we got home, and I figured I could pop in a Doctor Who DVD and my nephew will leave me alone–to whatever extent he normally does–for an hour at a time so I can write.
Okay, so he interrupted now and again to look up insert-toy-here since I was online, but still no big deal.

And visiting my sister and her newborn (wish them well!)…well, nobody had control over that, so while it was still an interruption, it clearly doesn’t qualify as a “problem.”

But when my parents started interrupting me to look up insert-item-here “since I’m online” instead of looking it up themselves on their own computer…
Or when my parents interrupted to tell me to sign them up on insert-site-here after receiving an invitation (and full instructions on how to sign up) in their email….
And when my parents expect me to continue providing this free labor, and to consider it as vastly more important than any attempt at creating or furthering my career, in almost the same breath that they criticize me for not having a career….
Now it’s a problem.

But the worst, the absolute worst, wasn’t even when they interrupted my NaNo.
It was when my dad, without so much as a “what are you doing” or “are you busy,” interrupted me and told me–not asked me, ordered me–to search the house for an MP3 player for my nephew and put songs on it, taking close to an hour away from my work (an hour and then some, actually, when you consider the difference between interrupting one’s time and interrupting one’s train of thought… but I digress).
And what work was I doing that was somehow less important than an MP3 player? I was updating. My. Resume. I was reformatting it so that I could turn it in to someone I was meeting Monday (a.k.a. Day 5).

And yes, I am well aware of the irony that I am taking time away from my NaNo to vent my frustrations.
I just wish that my parents would respect me and my time as much as they expect me to respect them and theirs.

Now, if I could just figure out how to write that scene, and the current plot bunny could be finished. Hmm….

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