NaNo ’12 Day 2

Another tutoring session, another student, another dollar. And then some.

And once I got home, I just couldn’t seem to focus on my NaNo.
I’ll blame the Dragon Cave. 😉 I spent way too much time on my eggs, trying to get ready for this year’s (delayed) Halloween cave drop. Which I just managed to grab two of a few minutes ago–woohoo! Now if only one of my male pink dragons was ready to influence another egg; my Shadow Walkers are almost out of time!
And I kept browsing the NaNo forums instead of writing, and updating my word count instead of writing, and….

But I still made the daily goal and then some.
Now I just need to do something silly like increase my buffer again.

Day’s goal: as always, 1,667 words.
Daily written: 1883
Total goal: 3333
Total written: 4016 (NaNo reports it at 3956, because I’d tried to update at midnight and the site froze up…but 4016 is what I’m counting for day 2)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on November 25. (Aww, I liked having that extra day over the last two years! Better get writing if I want to increase my buffer!)

According to my calculations, I would need to write 1642 words per day for the rest of the month to finish on time. Not a whole lot lower than the 1667 daily goal, but my immediate goal is, as always, to continue to decrease that number.

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