NaNo ’11 Day 11

Okay, I cheated this time.

You know those notes I mentioned on “day 0”? Yeah, I started at the point where I left off in the story, and copied the notes into my NaNo file all the way up to…oh, just before the epilogue.
And then I removed one section that was a wall of text.

It didn’t give me much of a boost; all I got was catching up. And if I can’t get ahead again, it will be for nothing.
Like last year, I plan to delete the notes from the file as I type up the associated scenes, so any actual progress word count from day 12 on is going to be higher than my reports look.
Not by much, in most cases, but considerably higher, in others…. Some of those notes were quite detailed.

Daily goal: 1667
Words written: 3142 (Gods, I wish that was my real progress)
Total goal: 18,333
Total written: 18,567 (Judging from the other days, I would have had a touch over 20,000 if I hadn’t miss the daily word count five days already.)
I’d need a minimum daily count of 1654 and then some to stay caught up.
And, removing the notes from the story, my notes to story ratio is about 1 to maybe 28, putting the anticipated full draft at about almost 120,000.

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