NaNo ’11 Day 7

Once again, I updated my word count a little late.

I was still working on that one flashback, and by the time I looked at the clock, it was past midnight. So I figured, since the flashback was almost done, I’d just try to finish it up before updating and heading to bed.

Fast forward almost two hours….

Daily goal: 1667
Words written: 2278
Total goal: 11667
Total written: 13,012
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 27.
As the flashback is not in my notes, this puts my notes to story ratio at around 1 to 32.6.
Leaving my anticipated full draft at more than 130,000…!

A minimum daily word count of just a bit over 1600 will let me finish on time.
On the other hand, I should get my buffer back if I manage another 2000 words on Day 8.

Either later notes will drop the ratio down a bit (I do have some “phases” that are quite detailed), or flashbacks like this one (at almost 5,000 words by itself) will definitely have to come out in the editing phase. Stories that long are said to be quite difficult for new authors to publish.
But I am looking at some kind of anthology for other characters….

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