NaNo ’11 Day 6

I had a late start and had to rake leaves out of the ditch.
The wind kept blowing them around, making it difficult to keep them in a pile long enough to bag up. Why couldn’t it have just blown hard enough to send them across the road?

Anyway, I did manage to stay ahead in spite of it…though if you’ve seen my NaNo profile, it will say I didn’t make any progress this day. I didn’t log on to update my word count until about seven minutes after midnight. ^^;

Daily goal: 1667
Words written:2188
Total goal: 10,000
Total written:10,734
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 28.
My required minimum ratio to finish on time is at 1636.

And since I wrote more of my non-notes flashback (I think I’m almost done with that one) my notes to story ratio is 1 to 26.9, putting the anticipated full draft at well over 100,000.
Too bad I’ll be editing the flashback out in the final version; I plan to allude to the events by way of one character telling another about his past, but the bulk of the story (minus epilogue and prologue) would be told only from the one character’s point of view.
Still, it would make a for good addition to a “tales of such-and-such world” type anthology, no? And I think that will be one of my posted excerpts, once it’s finished and polished a little.

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