NaNo ’11 Day 5

My second ever write-in…sort of.
See, it seems there was a discrepancy between the schedule on the regional forum and when the group was actually supposed to come in. The site said 2 pm on Saturdays, but the store had 10 to noon listed. And since nobody else was there when I showed up, I’m guessing the store had the right time.

I’m still ahead on total word count, but I didn’t quite make my daily goal. I actually seem to be sliding dangerously close to the normal goal.
I’ll need to try harder to get my buffer back.

Daily goal: 1667
Words written: 1200
Total goal: 8333
Total written: 8546
Report card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 30.
I’m up to needing just over 1650 words a day to finish on time. On the other hand, I wrote quite a bit more that wasn’t in my notes, leaving my note to story ratio at 1 to 21 (and almost a half), and my anticipated full draft at just shy of 90,000 words.

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