NaNo ’11 Day 3

My first ever write in… and I spent half of it wondering how to write the scenes.

We met at a restaurant downtown around 10 in the morning. I had already had breakfast, though I was tempted to order something or other just to try it. I wound up not ordering anything, though, until it was time to leave–I brought lunch home for my mother and myself.
I left in the middle of the lunch rush. Have I mentioned that I really hate driving? Especially with heavy traffic. If it hadn’t been for the green stuff on the Weather Channel…and being unable to get past my parents’ motorcycles…I would have just taken my motorcycle. I still don’t like traffic, but at least I’m more confident about handling the bike than the car.

Anyway, at the write in. I managed…sheesh, over a thousand words just from this bunch of kids telling my main character how to play the ball game with them. A few hundred of that was during the write in.
I think I’d gotten about halfway through that scene when I realized they were telling him how to play soccer. I hadn’t really planned for them to be playing any specific game, just having fun kicking the ball around. Oh, well, works for me.

Daily goal: 1667
Words written: 2778
Total goal: 5000
Total written: 7006
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 22.
Woo-hoo! Now if I can just keep up the pace.
I managed to get a one day buffer in there (so I’ll be working my way towards adding another one), and I dropped my minimum required words per day to a bit shy of 1600.

My current notes to story ratio is about 1 to 18.9 words, suggesting the full draft would be just shy of 79,000.
I liked the first day’s ratio better.

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