NaNo ’11 Day 2

I didn’t get as much time to write as I’d hoped. Maybe around noon my dad calls up, interrupting me right in the middle of a thought, to ask if I knew the college had a job fair going on.

A job fair that didn’t start for another two hours, though I certainly couldn’t get back to my train of thought after he’d derailed it.

On the plus side, one of the…vendors, I suppose, for lack of a better word…was the company I’d done my internship with a couple of years ago.
They recognized me, or at least they recognized my name. Almost immediately, it seemed; in fact, one of them was in the department I’d worked with.
They asked for my resume almost right off the bat, and though I’d planned to make my rounds through the fair before handing out resumes (I’d only printed off a few), and though I hadn’t finished checking out the other vendors, I handed them one of my resumes with nary a second thought.

In spite of the fair, I did manage to get more writing than I expected.

Daily goal: 1667 words
Words written: 2203 words
Total goal: 3333
Total written: 4228
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 24.
I’d still need a 1600+ words per day average to finish on time. I think my immediate goal is to reduce that requirement.

Sounds even better than last year. Let’s hope that I can keep this up, and not wind up like last year.
If the progress is anything to judge by, I still have roughly the same 1 to 19 notes-to-story word ratio I had on Day 1, which would make the full first draft almost 80,000 words.

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