NaNo ’10 Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

We didn’t have much of a turkey dinner–we never do. We always seem to wait a few days before having the big meal.
But the turkey roast, ham, and mushed taters were pretty good. And since I’m the one that cooked them, that’s really saying something. Especially since the pots seemed to be in a race. With me, or with each other, I’m not sure.
First I had to get to the potatoes, then the stuffing decided to go while I was stirring them, then the gravy decided to boil over while I was working on other foods.

But I still managed to get some work done on my NaNo. I don’t think the original fiction portion of it will get done anytime soon, especially not with how much more I’ve put into the Sonic fan-fic section.
If I “win” the NaNo and take advantage of any printing rewards, I think I’ll do up the NaNo in sections. A trilogy of novelettes, maybe? The first part is close to being done, if I go that route.

Daily goal: 1667 (is it ever anything else?)
Words written: 2580
Total goal: 41667
Total written: 43105
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 29.

Sweet. Though technically, I needed another 200-some words to get a full one-day buffer.
Ah, well. Maybe I can get that it for the next day.
At this point, a 1400 daily average will more than allow me to finish on time. Let’s see how much more I can drop that requirement….

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