NaNo ’10 Day 19

I’ve been working some more on the Sonic fanfic portion of the NaNo.

And if I get far enough into the original work and get stuck for word count, my main character happens to be an author, herself, so I might just include bits and pieces of the stuff she writes.

I managed to get quite a lot done on this day, but not for a good reason:
My mother’s gone for surgery on her back. She and my father left early morning, and don’t expect to be back home until late the next day.

So I ask that any who read this, wish her luck and good health.

Daily goal: 1667
Words written: 3229 (nice….a couple more of those should get me caught up)
Total goal: 31667
Total written: 28020
Report Card: At this rate, you won’t finish on time.

It looks like a 2000 daily average will let me finish on time, though I’d like to get caught up and ahead again.
Well, along with trying to get caught up, I’ve also got chores to do, and homework to stay on top of.
Wish me luck!

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