NaNo ’10 Day 6

Shockingly, cold medicine wasn’t the problem today.

As soon as I had breakfast, my parents had me outside doing yardwork. I mostly picked up sticks and branches and dragged them to the brush pile so my folks could burn them. We don’t have that big a yard, but you wouldn’t believe how long a job that is! Especially after my dad went and trimmed down several bushes, and cut down one of the thornier trees.

Anyway, the job was done late afternoon, and my parents had to get get the tires done on my mother’s car. I was going to stay home, but then they said they’d go out to eat.
What, like I’m going to turn down going out if someone else pays for it?
(Okay, I will when it’s my sister, but she’s turned me off of going anywhere ever since she started assuming instead of asking.)

Anyway, when we got home, I was set to do my homework for the day, and then get started on the NaNo. I was hoping to get close(r) to catching up, since I’d fallen behind from getting sick.
But then my dad kept bugging me while I was doing the assignment, trying to copy map files to his GPS if you please (priorities, indeed), and by the time my homework was finished, they were both bugging me to go to bed, because we were going to get up “early” the next morning.

I finally logged off at something like 11 pm…before the daylight savings time change.

Daily goal: 1667 words.
Written: 1939
Total goal: 10000
Total written: 9333
Report card: At this rate, you won’t finish on time.

If I manage 2000 a day, I should be able to catch up…by day 14?!
Heck, no. I’m shooting for 3000 on Day 7; maybe come Day 8 I can start getting ahead again.

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